Dr. Eaknath B. Chakurkar     Principal Scientist (Animal Reproduction & Gynecology) & Director (Acting)






                                                                Address: Room No. S12, Animal Sciences Section,


                                                                Old Goa 403 402

                                                                Phone: 0832 2284678 Extn 310

                                                                Fax: 0832-2285649

                                                                Email: eaknath.chakurkar@icar.gov.in  , eknchakurkar@yahoo.com





Academic background:   

Ph.D.,  Bombay Veterinary College,  Parel Mumbai Balasaheb   Sawant  Konkan  Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli, Maharashtra, 2002

M.V.Sc. , College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Marathwada Agricultural University, Parabhani, Maharashtra, 1990

B.V.Sc. & A.H., College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Marathwada Agricultural University, Parabhani, Maharashtra, 1988


Research interests and current focus


Use of advance techniques like Embryo transfer technology, synchronization of estrous, use of ultrasonography for fertility management,  to enhance fertility and productivity of farm animals and transformation of these findings in farmers field.  Estrous synchronization and controlled breeding in case of meat and dairy animals so as to get production as per market requirements. 

  Reproduction management and reproductive health care of dairy animals to get optimum  milk productin in unit time as well as calf a year program. Enhancement of conception rate  in AI.

Improvement in reproduction and production of meat animals especially pigs, rabbits and goats so as to increase meet meat requirement of the region. This includes introduction and improvement of  breeding stock.

Broiler Rabbit rearing in cage system can enhance income of the farmer if he adopts it along with back yard poultry which is common technology adopted.  Rabbit can utilize vegetable waste, need not have area for free range  in backyard. This can even be adopted in urban area.

Goa Local pigs have the growth rate of 100- 120 g/ day and attain 30-40 Kg bodyweight after 8-9 nine months of rearing. While the crossbred pig Goa local X Large White Yorkshire has growth rate of 450 g/ day and attain 80- 90 Kg at marketing age. By growing a crossbred pig, the farmer will get about 50 Kg additional body weight gain with low feed consumption, i.e., about 4000 rupees per pig additionally.

Current focus is on improvement in pigs of the region by crossbreeding with exotic high performance breeds like Large White Yorkshire and Duroc as well as upgrading the nondescript pigs with exotic.


Outreach and extension  

    Technologies like Crossbred pigs   (Goa Local X Large White Yorkshire) produced  is recommended for Local  hot and humid climatic conditions of Goa as well as for the area having  similar climatic conditions. This has got better growth rate as compared to  Local pigs at the same time it has better adoptability than Large White York Shire. The crossbreed pig developed has gained popularity among farmers of the state and institute could attract RKVY project for product of Cross breed pig.

 Control of  infectious infertility in dairy animals of Goa, practices to improve  fertility by Nutritional management in milking animals in Goa state, early pregnancy diagnosis in pigs with ultrasonography   and Standardization of Protocol for Oestrous synchronization in Goa Local and large white Yorkshire pigs were developed and taken to farmers field directly or through developmental agencies.

            Technology of broiler rabbit production was standardized and commercialized.  Consultancy Training programs were conducted  with nominal fees from the participants. The technology was disseminated to farmers of Goa, Maharashtra  Karnataka and Kerala.   Farmers have attended the   Consultancy course of “Commercial Rabbit Rearing” during 2007-2010. many rabbit units have been set up in Goa, Karnataka(Belgaum area) Maharashtra  ( Kolhapur, Sangali, Satara, Pune  Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri) These units are earning good profit and are becoming source of encouragement  for new farmers to take up the enterprise.


Membership in professional societies

  1.  Indian Society for study of Animal Reproduction

  2.  Indian Society for Advancement of veterinary research

  3.  Indian Society of Animal Nutrition and Feed technology.         

  4.  Indian Society of Sheep and Goat production and utilization     

  5.  National  Association for  Welfare of Animals and  Research  

  6.  Association for coastal Agricultural Research  Goa

Awards and honours

  • Certificate of Excellence : Bharat Jyoti Award, India International Friendship Society, 4th Oct, 2008

  • Certificate of Fellow of National Academy Of Veterinary Sciences (India), National Academy Of Veterinary Sciences (India), 28th June 2007

  • Certificate of Appreciation for contributions in field of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry, Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services Government of Goa Panaji , 23rd March 2006

  • Certificate of Appreciation for short term research work , Laboratory of Biomeical Microbioloy and Immunology (University  of Veterinary Medicine in Kosice),,27 Feb, 2005

  • “FAKHRUDDIN ALI AHMED AWARD”  by Indian Council of   gricultural Research (I.C.A.R.) For outstanding agricultural research in tribal areas for the biennium ,1996-97  which is a National level team award consisting citation, medal and Rs.50000 (Rs. Fifty thousand). It was presented by Hon. Union Agricultural Minister  Mr. Sompal  on 16th July 1998.

  • Certificate of  Merit For Highest CGPA in M.V.Sc.  Marathwada Agriculture University, 1989-1990

  • Fellow of “National Academy of Veterinary Sciences


Academic/ Student advising

Three master students guided. Also Advisory Member  for M .V .Sc. Student  Dr. Minal Devrukhka,    Bombay Veterinary College, Bombay,  Maharashtra Fisheries and Animal Science University, Nagpur MAHARASHTRA


Research Publications


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